More than just a webinar software: LiveBridge turns any website into a "live content" platform

Traditional external solutions lead your audience away from your website, costing valuable traffic. With LiveBridge, you can now use your website like never before: present, inform and interact, 100% GDPR compliant.

How customers use LiveBridge

Live presentations and live interaction

Webinars and workshops

Conferences and Round Tables

Product launches and product training

Employee Events and Career Days

Live TV and on-demand streams

"LIVE" superpower for your website

Travel less and still get things moving together – the future needs alternative formats for encounters. LiveBridge makes lively interaction with customers, interested parties and partners possible in all formats on your website. Because communication belongs where your brand is at home. Convert your existing website into a GDPR-compliant platform for live content with the only existing plug & play solution. Your stage, your design, your rules. Invitation, registration, streaming, lead tracking and success measurement all run within your system with LiveBridge. This pleases data protection, IT and, of course, marketing.


Freedom for your digital live communication:

You have never been as independent in your live communication as you are today: while you are bound to time periods, locations and events at trade fairs and events, you take the helm online: you decide when, where and how you inspire which audience.

Any number of events

Use LiveBridge as a permanent online event platform or to flank your analogue trade fairs and events for customers who shy away from travelling far.

Any number of events

Use LiveBridge as a permanent online event platform or to flank your analogue trade fairs and events for customers who shy away from travelling far. Or for training. Or for an anniversary. Or completely different.

Any number of target groups

A more direct approach through more individual formats that you can tailor to your favourite target groups. “One size fits all” does not apply with LiveBridge.

Greater ranges

LiveBridgte can do 365/24/7 – around the world. Control your communication precisely and reach your audience at prime time.

More hot leads

Thanks to LiveBridge, no contact is lost in the stream of visitors. From the invitation to the visited content to the forwarding to the sales department, you always keep an overview.

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LiveBridge can do what suits you.

LiveBridge gives your brand the freedom it needs to flourish. No matter what you have in mind, each format takes place on your own website without technical restrictions or rigid design templates. You think up the best with your team and simply implement it.

So simple that it's not just for nerds

LiveBridge can be operated by (almost) anyone in your company. ou create your desired format in just a few steps via the intuitive backend Here you manage speakers, individual event pages, on-demand content for download and, of course, your visitors and their registrations. And your IT is happy because everything runs within your existing system – without any complicated installation.


LiveBridge facts and functions at a glance:

For event preparation

On the implementation of the event

For event post-processing

Added value
digitale Strategie

Individual standard

LiveBridge is standard without looking like it – but always exactly like your brand. Not only because it takes place on your website. Fonts, colours, shapes and templates can be adapted according to your CI specifications. If you wish, you can get a completely customised corporate solution.

Story, Content, Strategy

LiveBridge can do a lot. And therefore, sometimes a little more than you might have in mind. When limited time and lack of resources force you to take shortcuts, we go the extra mile with you. Idea, creation, content, studios, technology, marketing and training are all included in LiveBridge’s turnkey package.

Full control

With LiveBridge there are no more blind flights You always know how well your individual formats are running, when and where visitors are leaving, who your heavy users are and where there is still room for optimisation. All evaluations are available in the backend for reading, printing and downloading across all your events.

If you never try,
you´ll never know

We can tell you quite a lot here. But we think you’d better try out a lot more. Let us show you LiveBridge in a free live demo and discover new ways to meet your target groups. Open up new ways of interaction and offer your audience exciting insights into your brand world.

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